Sunday, October 7, 2012

Introduction to the Blog

Welcome.  You have just entered the dynamic intersection of Nonproliferation & Conflict Resolution.  Here, we discuss the most pressing Nonproliferation problems of our day and how to solve them.  Nonproliferation (in this blog) refers to the reckless spread of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.  Conflict Resolution is an emerging field of study somewhat related to international relations, psychology and business.  Models of conflict resolution come in many shapes and sizes, including interest-based negotiations (Fisher and Ury), structural and cultural violence (Galtung), and various psychological theories.  This blog is for the the politicians, diplomats, scientists, professors and students.  More fundamentally, this blog is not about espousing a certain theoretical mindset but rather about offering the best approach to these problems.

Furthermore, nonproliferation like conflict resolution is often best done collaboratively, so we appreciate any comments, suggestions, questions or counter-points!

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